View of the midnight sun from ARKTIKUM Museum and Science Center

* Please note that the information on this page is subject to modifications.

Due to the worldwide evolution of the Coronavirus and with the aim of safeguarding the health of the participants and staff members, ACC and IAC postpone the celebration of the 49th IAC Congress to 2021.


The program will be kept, with the only change being the dates in which the Congress will be held. 

The new program and timetable of Congress activities will be posted on this webpage before the opening of the Congress.

The 49th IAC Congress and General Assembly “Rovaniemi/Posio 2020” will be held in the City of Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland. 

The lectures and panel discussions, and the IAC’s Thematic Members’ Exhibition and Members’ Choice Exhibition will take place at the Korundi House of Culture, the headquarters of the Congress.

The Korundi House of Culture will put at the disposal of the Congress its state-of-the-art auditorium, plentiful space for catering, modern spaces for exhibitions, and polyvalent rooms for meetings.




– Registration
– Keynote speech and lectures on the theme “On the Edge”


– General Assembly (Session 1)
– Visit of the exhibition at Arktikum


– Welcoming party at Arktikum



All day – POSIO DAY

Organized visit to Posio and its surroundings to discover:
– Lapland’s magnificent nature,
– The Pentik ceramic factory
– The Arctic Ceramic Center residence
– The unique and historic Timisjärvi Art Center
– The Anu Pentik gallery
– The International Coffee Cup Museum
– A historical ceramics exhibition
– Min Kyoung Kim’s workshop


Rovaniemi city reception at Lappia Hall
– Welcome by the Mayor of the city of Rovaniemi
– Opening of the New Members’ Exhibition
– Opening of The Norwegian Exhibition by Lin Wang




– Registration
– Lectures on the theme “Signals from the Future”


Opening of the exhibitions at the Korundi House of Culture. :
– IAC Thematic Members’ Exhibition
– IAC Members’ Choice Exhibition
– Swissceramics Exhibition
– Finnish National Exhibition
– Norwegian Exhibition


IAC / UNESCO event at the Korundi House of Culture




– Registration
– General Assembly (Session 2)


– Lectures on the theme “Social and political reality”
– Breakout Session (see further information below)






– Registration
– Lectures on the theme: “Locality and Materiality” 


Lectures on the theme: “Making and Wellbeing”


Farewell party at Santa Park



– The lectures, the two sessions of the General Assembly, and the session promoting members’ activities (entitled: Breakout Session) will take place at the Korundi House of Culture (KHC).
– Except for Tuesday, all lunches and coffee breaks will be held at the KHC.
– The general program of the Congress will be printed and delivered to the participants when they register.
– The timetable of the General Assembly will be sent to members by newsletter and available online on the website. For ecological reasons, we will not print the timetable on paper. We ask you to make your own copies if you think this is necessary.

– The lectures will be translated simultaneously into French or English. Written translations of the lectures (summaries or complete versions) in Chinese and Spanish will be available online on our website, from the first day of the Congress onwards.

– For IAC members only: Calls for applications to participate in the Breakout Session and the IAC Members’ Choice Exhibition will be sent by the IAC Office to members this spring.

– All venues are easily accessible, being within walking distance from most hotels, bus and railway stations of Rovaniemi. Journey time from Rovaniemi Airport to the city is less than 15 minutes.



The auditorium of the Korundi House of Culture

Lectures program
The morning program slots will include lectures and panel discussions on the proposed focal theme “On the Edge”. Following the daily talks, a series of exhibitions and events in the city will be programmed into the schedule.
“On the Edge” is an especially relevant theme in Finland and Lapland. Finland is located at the edge of Europe both geographically and culturally, and Lapland is part of the mystical Arctic region, or an “Ultima Thulé” if you wish; the border of the known world.

 “On the Edge” is a theme which encourages discussions on the mainstreams and the margins in ceramics, as much on the essence of ceramic art, as on its positioning amongst all art forms. “On the Edge” will also be interpreted as a timeline, a continuum between the past, present and future.

Breakout Session
This event, open to the public, is a promotional event for IAC members. It is intended for the announcement of cultural activities (programs, research, artistic experience, etc.), within a format of five minutes per presenter.

Posio Day
The slots booked for Tuesday – for a visit to Posio, which is an hour and a half drive from Rovaniemi – will ensure that all conference participants have the opportunity to visit the Pentik ceramic factory (the world’s northernmost ceramic factory), the Arctic Ceramic Center with its workshop facilities, as well as the unique and historical Timisjärvi Art Center, Anu Pentik Gallery, the International Coffee Cup Museum, a historical ceramics exhibition, and Min Kyoung Kim’s studio.


On the first evening a welcome dinner will be organized with a menu devised from locally sourced ingredients in Lapland. Halfway through the Congress, a complementary drinks reception will be hosted by UNESCO, and a farewell dinner will take place on the last evening of the Congress. The welcome and farewell dinners will take place in exquisite local settings.

Welcoming Party
A welcome party will be arranged at the ARKTIKUM Museum and Science Centre. ARKTIKUM is a place that enables you to experience Nordic nature, culture, and history up close. Housing the University of Lapland’s Arctic Centre and the Regional Museum of Lapland, ARKTIKUM stimulates reflection, encourages debate, and provides a deeper understanding of the Arctic region.


Farewell Dinner 
Under the Arctic Circle, deep beneath the ground, lies Santa’s secret cavern where it’s Christmas all year round! We warmly invite you to attend the IAC 2020 Farewell Party and an unforgettable journey to the heart of Christmas at Santa Park, an indoor Christmas-themed park voted the top Christmas destination in the world.

On Wednesday, July 29, 2020, we will host a long UNESCO evening of 3h30, to be followed by a drinks reception.

The IAC, NGO partner of UNESCO, with the expected support of the Liaison Committee of NGO partners of UNESCO, will propose an evening along the theme “Rapprochement of Cultures and Education for Cultural Diversity and Peace”. 

The Chairperson of the Liaison Committee, Ms. Marie-Claude Machon-Honoré, and a UNESCO representative of the Humanities department are expected to attend.

The aim is to promote the intercultural exchange projects implemented by IAC members, and to invite the participants of these programs :

  • “Terres Jumelles”, which links Benin and Japan;
  • The Ernabella project which connects Australia’s Aborigines and the porcelain center of Jingdezhen;
  • “Clay without Borders” which works to facilitate dialogue between the potters and ceramists in the Middle East.

The culture of the Sámi people will be presented, and we will also show a movie currently being made about the Korean ceramist Mr. Suku Park (the backbone of this Congress alongside Mr. Lepojärvi) who chose to live in Posio.

Clay, like dance and song, has the ability to initiate a simple, rudimentary and essential dialogue with the other. Clay is a leaven of peace between people. This evening will honour this mission of the IAC.

The IAC has been an official partner of UNESCO since 1958.

More information on the following webpage:


Pre- and post–Congress tours
In line with the format of IAC Congresses, pre- and post-Congress touristic tours of 3 to 4 days will be organized for those participants availing of longer stays.

One pre-Congress tour will present Inari, the Northernmost municipality of Lapland, and its Sámi region, home to the only indigenous people in Europe. During the tour, participants will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the rich indigenous Sámi culture.

Another pre-Congress tour will be offered in the Posio municipality.

The post-Congress tour will feature the most significant ceramic and traditional heritage sites of the Southern region of Finland.

Pre- and post-Congress tours

Pre- and post-Congress touristic tours are organized for those participants availing of longer stays.

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Registration, policy and fees

Information on registration and other fees, payment options and cancellation policy.

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Information on accommodation in Rovaniemi.

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General Information

General information covering the Congress, its venues, transportation and tourism.

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Theme of the Congress

"On the Edge" is a location, a feeling, as well as a critical position.

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Headquarters of the Congress

The Korundi House of Culture is the headquarters of the 2020 Congress.

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The theme “On the Edge” applies to all congressional exhibitions.

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